Per Wide, Doctoral student at Dept of Technology management and economics at Chalmers, received the DB Schenker’s award for best doctoral paper at Nofoma 2019, in Oslo.

The paper has been written by Per, funded by AEOLIX and partially based on data from the Living Labs. The selected paper is entitled “Proactive recovery actions in real-time transport chain disruption management – a logistics service provider perspective”. You can read the paper abstract here below:

The technological development of information and communication technologies supported by increased interoperability in the transport sector, e.g. EU-projects as AEOLIX, generate possibilities for real-time information for control of transport and supply systems. The utilization of this information can enhance more effective management of disruptions in operational transport activities. The paper presents a case study of managing disruptions at a logistics service provider and develops a framework to support the utilization of real-time information. The paper contributes with managerial implications for managing disruptions from a logistics service provider perspective and the presented framework adds theoretical contribution to existing literature on managing disruptions.