AEOLIX will develop a solution for connecting logistics information systems of different characteristics, intra- and cross-company, for immediate (real-time) exchange of information in support of logistics-related decisions. The ambition is to develop architecture for a distributed open system for exchange of information among key logistics actors (commercial companies as well as relevant authorities), enabling increased use and impact of such information in the value chain.

During the project, logistics related business issues have been selected as use cases to be researched at different Living Labs to validate and demonstrate the benefits of the platform.



The AEOLIX Platform represents a critical way forward of supply chain visibility and interoperability through decentralized information sharing. AEOLIX cloud services provide connectivity to multi-actor data and in-house or cloud-based applications, processes and services, thus enhancing collaboration and interoperability, potentially across the entire transport and logistics sector.

AEOLIX provides a comprehensive architecture to enable a digitally secure and regulated logistics services and information sharing platform based on the following specific components:

AEOLIX Dashboard: is an intelligent, user configurable web application that serves as a dedicated portal to the AEOLIX Platform, managing and enabling access to end to end logistics visibility through the data being shared by logistics partners via the CE. It enables intelligence to be added to the data from within the dashboard and by accessing and mobilising applications from the toolkit.


AEOLIX Toolkit: comprises core logistics services to support and implement the business needs of AEOLIX end-users.  Examples of services to be offered in the toolkit are: E-CMR, routing, planning services for road and intermodal service, ETA service, CO2 monitoring, dangerous goods transport management…  Toolkit services can be used via the AEOLIX connectivity engine by applications, services and sensors or interplay with other toolkit elements.

AEOLIX Connectivity Engine: responsible for providing the connectivity and interoperability services to support seamless data exchanges between organisations and services. These technical services provide the architectural setup, (1) connecting the end-user with its many business partners and systems in their networks, (2) allows for interoperability and governance services, the information exchange between different systems, partner/system interactions along with data sharing management rules.