✓  Gain a thorough insight in the lessons learned, needs and requirements in the domain of ICT applications for logistics

✓  Design an architecture for a collaborative IT infrastructure for operational connection of logistics information systems

✓  Implement an appropriate data access management model

✓  Build a common but user-tailored interface and tools to enable the IT infrastructure

✓  Test, validate and implement the AEOLIX prototype in 11 living labs of logistics business communities across Europe

✓  Monitor the impacts of AEOLIX based on environmental, economic and social impacts

✓  Develop an exploitation business model to enable roll-out and deployment of the concept across Europe, and possibly rest of the world


The AEOLIX consortium has produced a Paper which defines the vision and scope of the European Logistics Information exchange platform which will transform the digital logistics ecosystem. This paper will provide the relevant stakeholders with all the necessary information regarding the ambitious AEOLIX technology, how the end user and business community can enjoy its benefits and impacts through a well-defined business and governance structure.